Oregon House Democrats: Fighting for Oregon’s Future

Oregonians who work hard deserve a chance to pursue the American Dream. Yet more Oregonians are struggling just to make ends meet.  Oregon House Democrats envision an Oregon where families can afford a college education, find a good job, save for a home, and build a secure retirement. By expanding opportunities and providing Oregonians with a fair shake, we can create a more secure future for Oregonians to thrive.

We have a lot of work to get done in this legislative session to improve the lives of struggling Oregonians. House Democrats will move an agenda that:

  • Expands opportunities to get ahead;
  • Helps move working people out of poverty;
  • Ensures fairness in the workplace; and
  • Levels the playing field for small businesses so that we can create more good-paying jobs right here in Oregon.

Hear our plan directly from our team:


Click here to view the Oregon House Democrats' Opportunity Agenda